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With the latest technology, we're certain to please. At our headquarters, we are set up to accommodate the constantly expanding technological advancements. We put our systems to work every day to solve case after case (and we're undefeated in that regard).

Our services cover just about any investigative need you can come up with. It's actually impossible for us to list out what we can do, since it's literally everything in the detective field. We can help you locate your missing Welsh Corgi with our insanely great GPS tracking. We're ready to crack down on that pesky employee of yours who just stole the secrets to your new business plans. Was it Colonel Mustard in the kitchen with the lead pipe? We can tell you that, plus the color of the tie he wore.

Our process begins by evaluating the needs of your specific case. We determine and plan out the best plan of action, plus give you a detailed explanation of said plan. We fully involve you in the entire process so you know what's going on and can ultimately decide what needs to be done and when. We're here to work for you AND with you.

Once the plan is laid out, we go to work. Whether we're prowling out in the field or running surveillance back at base camp, we are in constant motion and communication with the rest of the team. This allows for our plans to run smoothly and sneakily, going undetected by any suspects, civilians, and outside authorities, all the while keeping you in the know with updates and alerts however you want them, including (but not limited to) personal phone calls, text messages, and / or emails. Everything is kept in the strictest confidentiality.

Upon the completion of your case, we will provide you with a copy of the finalized case notes for your reference. We also keep documentation of every detail of every mission, so don't worry if your copy goes missing. The mission only ends when your case is solved to your liking.

Still not convinced? Take a look at the testimonials of just a tiny portion of our satisfied clients below.


  • Wedge Antilles, prestigious Corellian General
  • "I've never been more pleased in my life! BBIS knew just how to collect the perfect intelligence to help our fight against the Empire."

  • E.V.E. (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator)
  • "Bumblebee was my go-to guy when a dastardly conspiracy was afoot aboard our command ship, the Axiom. BBIS's telecom technologies were so advanced, they were able to remain off the ship to ensure the utmost level of secrecy."

  • Martin McFly, notable time traveler
  • "When an alternate 1985 sprung up due to unfortunate choices, BBIS employed their incredible GPS tracking technology to help us locate just who TRULY messed up the future, which allowed us to put things right! Thanks, Bumblebee!"

  • Mrs. Potato-Head
  • "When my husband was freelancing as a communications specialist, he was scouted out by BBIS. He and Bumblebee worked together and were able to solve the mystery of what happened to my precious gold earrings!"