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Bumblebee Investigative Services was founded in March 2009 by Bumblebee, who's now the CEO and owner of the corporation. He started off just doing freelance investigations on the side while working part time as a lab assistant and earning his Bachelor of Science in Psychology with concentrations in criminal justice and forensic science.

Bumblebee is constantly working to improve his skills, be it through games of scrabble, climbing trees, or watching episodes of his favorite shows, NCIS and MacGyver.

"I feel it's important to find joy in what I do, so I engage in hobbies that aren't only lots of fun, but also keep me sharp. While playing board games might seem like, well, just fun and games, it's really not. Games keep my gears and motors chugging away. MacGyver is my idol. NCIS shows me countless other investigations and I can think of how I'd handle their investigations in my own way and snag some of their good ideas."


So where does a top-notch detective agency go from here? Technology is growing exponentially, and the team is always researching the latest and greatest advances in the investigative field. It's our ongoing goal to continually expand our company by any means possible, from trying new gadgets to hiring more experts. In this field, it's crucial to keep up with the times to ensure we provide our clients with the absolute best there is out there.

Our state-of-the-art headquarters is already jam-packed with top-of-the-line investigative and forensic equipment, but was built with growth in mind. We have space to spare just begging to be filled with new toys as quickly as they're available. Come by and see for yourself, we love visitors. We do request that you call in advance for tours, though, so we can be sure to not interrupt any investigations already in progress. Our work is our top priority, but we also don't want to keep our operations a big government secret, that would just lead to conspiracy theories!


  • How much do you charge?
  • It really depends on the mission. We do offer free quotes, so please call us up for more details. We offer several forms of payment, though we prefer cash, credit, or automotive maintenance supplies.

  • Is there a time limit for a mission?
  • Heck no. We will move as quickly or as slowly as your heart desires. Short jobs are a breeze, and long jobs don't scare us. Feel free to add stuff on, too. We'll just tweak the proposal and fees accordingly.

  • Are you hiring?
  • Always. We're always looking for the best and brightest in the field, and practically squeal with glee when we find someone who can bring something cool and new to the table. Think you've got what it takes? Call us up or fax your resume on over.

  • What's with the bow tie?
  • I wear bow ties. Bow ties are cool.