{ about me }

thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio. i take pride in my work, and have a real pleasure doing it. i am always seeking to improve on my talent and further my career through exciting opportunities and new learning.

i currently work as the senior graphic designer for an education firm located in frankfort, illinois. i am a graphic designer by day... er... graphic designer by night. when not at work, i am often working on a slew of freelance projects, mostly for my friends and family who love having a graphic designer to do their bidding (and i love it, too). i also volunteer at alsip to the rescue in frankfort, helping take the adoptable dogs out for walks.

in the short time i am not graphic designing, i focus on being a huge nerd. i am a huge fan of star wars, harry potter, and back to the future. i have a massive collection of legos, and keep several sets on display in my home. i'm currently living the joys of homeownership (or, alternatively, "living at lowes") with my hubs and training our two puppies, bailey and zoey.